Monday, February 07, 2005

I realised something today...

I finally figured out the reason why I don't like make-up...I feel like it's a lie.
To change the natural pigmentation of your face to fit the predetermined, social definition of what is feminine's appalling. I mean..okay don't get me wrong, for some women it helps to boost their self confidence, but sometimes it's just taken too far. Today for instance my mother gave me a make over (it was in the middle of it that I had my revelation) and she got out this concealer to try and hide the bags underneath my eyes, which I was totally fine with....but then she went and said, "okay....what else do we have to hide..." then went to town on my face! going, "blemish...blemish...blemish..." What else do we have to hide??...excuse me!
Another thing about it is....I think it would be kind of a shock for like the guy you date or when you get married...think about it. It's like this. They are used to seeing you during the day when you have your make up on (I doubt they come to your house and watch you remove it) so they really don't know what you look like until you're married to the poor bloke...frankly, it's a dirty trick.


Preseela x) said...

You have a very good point there Jessy. Your theory makes a lot of sense, although for me it's just that I'm way to lazy to get up early and waste all the energy to put it's pointless anyway...BAH! I love the blog babe!

Brynifred said...

For me its like this..."MAYBE I LIKE MY BLEMISHES!!! HUH? WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT, EH? ya...thats what I thought."

see for me, I personally think I look cuter without make its harder to be me under a thick layer of...of...ick!

that lisa girl said...

It's all soooo true!! GAH!

sheesh, the things women go through to make themselves pretty.... and all for WHAT???!?!?!?