Friday, December 01, 2006

Blue Eyed Beast...

Leave me, you Blue Eyed Beast, you tempt me so.

You spoke to me of naught but deceit
and robbed my mind of the last vestiges
of personal sanity, leaving me,
alone teet'ring on your knife's razor edge.
Your soft words, words of endearment of love
were as I suspected, all just a trap.

And as a cat is caught in the jaws of
curiosity, I was lost as well.
But, so unlike the cat with claws and jaws
for her own defense, I was made pow'rless
as your suant, terrible, tempting,
tremors held me close whisp'ring words so soft,
so dear, to numb me from my aching pride.

But, Blue Eyed Beast, can comfort me no more.

So get thee away thou retched monster,
For your words are now meaningless drabble
and my curiosity, blase, fore-
You tempt me. No More.


Danelle said...

Nice. I like it

Brynifred said...

Thats damn good writing. We live interesting lives, you and I. I think we inspire each other. At least, you inspire me.

Lets play. Breaks coming up soon! Let me know when the last day is and we will play! Oh yeah, I posted again too. Tres mas. Let me know what you think!