Monday, April 17, 2006

Boredom At The Bank: Steal My Kiss

It tears me up inside
glinting past pretending,
ignoring, and faking
this hate. this love. this need.

All this fueled by pretense.
incessant rage pounding,
gnawing, hacking, screaming
This hate, controlled by pride.
Let go it's all a lie.

these, my, unwilling hands
of time grudgingly forced
to move on from second,
to minute, to hour.
This love was stolen time.

I've been so very lost.
Lost in this ugly need.
My thoughts so conflicted
with myself, causing This...

This confused jumble of... integrity
and desire juxtaposed
violently, desperately.
Cruely, fiercly, wildy.

All wanting to be seen.
All screaming for one thing...
For you to steal my kiss.


Sven said...



lx said...

Hahaha ... I had thots of the bank today as well, Jess! Good to see you picking up on Illo Friday ;-)

wheatable said...

This is beautiful. Especially the pic.

thesexyswede said...

that's brittany. that means a lot coming from you.