Saturday, April 08, 2006


I'm so uncomfortable with feeling angry at my Mother that I chose to deal with the situation by making others laugh. I was just at my friend michelle's house and she told me something that made me so angry with my mom that the only thing I could do was flail and and make silly noises to make her laugh...but now that I'm home it's 12:30 and I can't sleep because I'm too pissed off.

My mom told...someone...something that I did not want them to know...something they really had no right to know. and for the life of me I can't figure out WHY she did it.

I figure things out through Trial and Error. Yeah, okay I've been burned a couple of times, but I've come to terms with the fact that it's going to happen and I'm going to have to learn from these stupid decisions/mistakes [that I'm going to inevitably make because I'm only human], that life goes on. But...

She's my mom.

My Parent.

She did what she did because she has my best interest at heart, but doing something with good intentions can sometimes be the worst thing you could possibly do in a situation. Doing the wrong thing for the 'right reasons' can cause so much chaos...There is absolutely nothing positive that either myself or this person could have gained by my mom telling him. absolutely nothing. So until I figure out why she did it...this is me.


collinhead said...

oh, i always thought that was the sideaffects of using a mac..

Hokhmah Firewalker said...
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Sven said...

(f) Fear Not! :) Keep smiling, and kick some ass!

Parents don't always make the right choices either. tough when your the one that has to live with it, but they are doing their best I'm sure.

Good intentions are not what are needed to make the right choice. Many people miss that part. It is the end, the effect, teh result that makes it right or wrong, not the mindset going into it...

People can be twisted to think that all kinds of things are right, when they are not. But their heart was in the right place, that's great, does that mean their gonna fix what they broke? :P

Keep smiling my dear!