Friday, June 30, 2006

Post One Hundred: Delusions of the Light.

Blinded by the visions of wealth and prosperity.
They see too much when the sun is high and the world is bright.
This is the time that things are waved before their faces

And like greedy little children
they reach out and grab and consume every bit of it.
Far more evil happens in broad daylight.

But people need to place the evil somewhere,
somewere they cannot see it, the Darkness of the Night. why ghosts haunt and demons prowl.

At One,
Simple, Cared and Cherished.
Complex, Neglected and Abandoned.

She slipped the shoes off her feet,
and felt the cool hard wood as she passed...
flitting through the fiery colours of the sunset.

Everyone, my passion in life is simply this: Simplicity

Every stroke of God's mighty paintbrush
blending seamlessly to create...
Gold Drama
Blue Passion
Russet Flare
Orange Contentment
Red Desire
Auburn Peace
Painfully Exquisite Beauty..
Taken for granted as each day fades to night.

Everyone, my reasoning was simply this: Fascination.

The beauty of his broken and tortured soul...
the mystery and the sadness of his eyes.
He fascinated me from the start,

Reckless, Joyful and (hopefully) Enlightened
Scared, Angry and Confused,
By Seventeen.

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