Saturday, June 03, 2006


I was at graduation yesterday, listening to the motivational speeches given by the motivational speakers... and David Douma. They were telling us about how we need to dream big, juggle our raw eggs, dare to risk... stuff, like breaking our eggs while juggling them... etc.

I honestly don't think that everyone can succeed in life. I know that sounds extremely pessimistic of me but I thought about it and it's true. Life is graded on a curve, When something is graded on a curve you need people to fail in order for some people to ace. Society is structured the same way. If everyone, everyone didn't give up, if nobody settled for mediocre... It just... wouldn't work.

I don't know if I'm making any sense here... But seriously Fast Foods chains wouldn't have like any employees to flip them hamburgers (but that might be a good thing because then McDonald's would no longer exist), We wouldn't have anybody to mow the lawns of big corporations/businesses (and the LDS temples), And we wouldn't have any bums sleeping on park benches and squating in abandoned buildings (well alright that has nothing to do with my point I just felt like I needed a third thing there... but you get the idea)

Basically, "Stand Up, Stand Out." has a reciprocal for people bound to fail, "Lay Low, Blend In."

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Mademoiselle Mi said...

sad, yet true.