Thursday, September 28, 2006


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What classy actress are you?

Lucille Ball
You are Lucille Ball! You are an amazing, charming, charasmatic women who makes everybody laugh! You lock people under your spell, and they are enchanted by you. You are a beautiful, classy comedian.

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Danelle said...

Jessy, I Freaking love you. yay for having a blog. I just created one of my own considering my parents banned me from myspace now i have a new palce to exspress myself.
Love Danee

Danelle said...

i dont know what this does but i guess i can find out.

Danelle said...

i dont really understand how this all works is it like myspace can you explain it to me? please.

dapolarbear said...

yo dude we're like the same person haha