Thursday, February 22, 2007

Many Part Series: Why My Friends ROCK!...

Part One: Jonathan Ott
Jon and his family are way cool. They used to live in Spanish Fork (I think) and both Jon and his father fenced with me at Utah Valley Sport Fencing, but now he lives in Boulder or Denver or Avara..Avacad...well somewhere in Colorado. I just spent a weekend at his house with my teammates for the Junior Olympics and I have never felt so... well taken care of in my entire life. His parents would get up early early in the morning and cook us breakfast, they would drive us all to and from the airport/venue/restaurants and best of all they made me coffee in the mornings.

Jon is just an awesome guy! I can be the biggest dork around him and not feel like I have to live up to my intelligence level. He accepts all of his friends for who they are and he's loyal as hell. Anytime any of us are at a National Competition with eachother he would make sure and come to as many of UVSF fencer's bouts and pools as possible and cheer just as loud as the rest of us. I love that even though we only ever see him like three times a year and no longer fences with us, he still considers us his team. It's beautiful.

Jon is a great guy. I'm blessed to have known him and lucky that I can call him a friend.

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