Monday, February 20, 2006

Something Just Made Sense.

"Sometimes we put up walls.
Not to keep people out,
but to see who cares
enough to knock them down."

Nobody cared enough for me to knock them down.

Forever they will be
accepting the face of change
Nothing, will we be the same?

It's relieving.
It's saddening. (is that a word?)

I've embraced my mask, it's apart of me I will have to fight for the rest of my life.

God, I love a challenge. give 'em hell

Why put my loyalty in others
When I can't expect the same in return.

Why trust others
When they have proven that I can't.

Why waste my time on others
When they have given up on me.

Why waste compassion on others
When they only care about themselves.

You are exactly how you want to be.

"You will never realize
the chances that you missed
because you were too busy
shredding your wings."

Time to start from square one.


The Short One said...

screw square one!!!

i say you cheat with me and skip all the way to square.....twelve. i don't know why twelve. it just seemed like a good one to skip to. and why are we on squares anyway? i'm confused. did i just confuse myself?

yeah...i think i did.

Alex Iskandar said...

Keep ur eye upon the donut and not upon the hole ;-)

Brynifred said...

I always put up walls. Damn walls suck!